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For flutists ages 18 years and younger (college students are not eligible)

Competition Date: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Location Swope Hall, 817 S. High St. West Chester University, West Chester, PA 


Senior High Youth Artist Competition (ages 15 thru 18)

  • First Place: $200 and Plaque / Second Place: Plaque / Third Place: Plaque
Junior High Youth Artist Competition (ages 12 thru 14)
  • First Place: $150 and Plaque / Second Place: Plaque / Third Place: Plaque

Elementary Youth Artist Competition (ages 11 and under)

  • First Place: $100 and Plaque / Second Place: Plaque / Third Place: Plaque


  • Entry Fees (all fees are nonrefundable): $25 (not including FSGP Membership Fee)
  • All entrants must be members of the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia (may join with entry).
  • First Place Prize Winners from previous years in the same age category are not eligible.
  • Finalists (and their pianists) must be available to perform for the adjudication panel on March 18th, 2017.
  • First Place Prize Winners in each age category will be invited to play at the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia’s Flute Fair  “Winners’ Recital" also held on March 18, 2017.
  • Entrants are responsible for arranging and providing payment for their own pianists. 


  • Before you can register, you must first create an account and become a FSGP member. 
  • Complete the online registration forms by the February 25th, 2017 (midnight EST) deadline.


Entrants are required to perform two contrasting pieces (one selection from the Renaissance, Baroque, or Classical era and one selection from the Romantic, 20th Century, or Contemporary era).  

  • Pieces may be for solo flute or flute with accompaniment. Pieces written with a piano accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment.
  • Multiple movements of a sonata, concerto, suite, etc. may be considered one piece as long as they do not exceed the time limit as designated for each age group below.
  • Pieces should demonstrate a student’s ability to play both technically and lyrically.
The maximum time allowed for competition performance (including set-up and tuning) is as follows: 
  • Elementary Youth Artist: 8 Minutes
  • Junior High Youth Artist: 12 Minutes
  • Senior High Youth Artist: 16 Minutes

Should you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact Ms. Broz, 2017 FSGP Youth Artist Competition Coordinator, via email or by phone: 951-240-0448.

Please Note: This is an open competition (there is no residential requirement to enter).

FSGP Membership is required for all entrants. 

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2017 Youth Artist Competition Fee: $25

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